Delhi – An Interesting Mix of History, Culture and Modernity

Delhi comes across as the perfect blend of history, tradition as well as modernity. It counts among the historically and culturally rich cities in India. The city is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. Delhi stands divided into old Delhi and New Delhi, which are totally contrasting yet perfectly harmonious. The city offers everything to its explorers, from historical monuments of the Mughal and the British era, bustling bazaars, blooming gardens to the most pulsating nightlife. The city is renowned for its educational institutes and universities internationally.Delhi shelters numerous parks and gardens. Creation of gardens has been a tradition since times immemorial in Delhi. Beautifully landscaped gardens can be seen at the Mughal era monuments. Humayun Tomb. Lodi Garden is an exemplary illustration of an age old garden still preserving the natural beauty of the city.Delhi has a multicultural society, as the city is home to peoples from diverse corners of India. The religious and state festivals are celebrated with great zeal wherever there is concentration of people from the same community and state. The major festivals celebrated in India are the Hindu festivals of Durga Puja, Diwali and Holi, Muslim festivals of Eid and Bakrid, National events such as the Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti.Shopping in Delhi is a pleasurable and exciting experience for shopping freaks. There is an array of shopping markets in and around Delhi. Visitors from all over India as well as from across the world enjoys their shopping here. Shopping ranges from jewelries, carpets, invaluable stones to bamboo works, handicrafts, garments, potteries and much more.Delhi is an important commercial and business hub in India. The city has numerous corporate houses and industrial set ups, due to which the city witnesses an influx of business and leisure travelers throughout the year. To cater to the luxury and budget needs of business and leisure travelers, Delhi has myriad options.The capital has some of the best hotels in India.Luxury hotels in Delhi cater to the needs of those travelers who are here on a vacation or on a business trip and opt for a magnificent sojourn. Numerous big names from the hospitality industry own and manage their hotels in Delhi. The luxury hotels in Delhi offer unmatchable opulence along with international standards of comforts and hospitality. Be it exotic cuisines, aesthetically done interiors, best recreational facilities, you get everything at the luxury hotels in Delhi.

Business Class Travel Secrets The Pros Know And Use

The average business traveler makes seven to nine long business trips per year; most American leisure travelers make about three. There are several tricks of the road warrior trade that will help you save money the next time you do some traveling, and some “reverse tricks” that may be worth your while.Timing and Location Matter: When you’re staying at a hotel, look at the business class hotels rather than the “boutique hotels” near the sights. Most business class hotels offer amenities like a kitchenette in the suite, and free internet access, and they tend to be near convention centers, with ample parking and near interstates. You may have to drive to see the sights, but the hotel will usually be as nice. Even better, during peak business travel season (February through October), most of them will slash the price on the room rate if you’re staying in on the weekend, just to fill empty rooms.It’s also worth it to ask for package rates and mentioning that you’re staying over on Saturday night; a lot of these hotels, to get the weekend booking, will cut their weekday rates as well.When you’re flying on airlines, there are also usually cheaper air fares if your arrival and departure dates are more than four days apart, and stay over a weekend. You may have to ask for these discounts.And speaking of locations mattering, if you’re going to rent a car, the worst place to rent one is at the airport; nationwide, auto rentals at the airport are typically 40-50% higher than if you go downtown. If you’re trying to stretch a tight vacation dollar, spend the money on a taxi to go off site for your car rental.Loyalty Programs: Most business travelers belong to an airline miles program, or a hotel perks program; often times both. Airline miles can be banked up to buy more tickets, and if you ever get bumped, you can usually get a voucher and extra airline miles for the inconvenience. If you find you’re mostly flying on one airline anyway, the miles program is almost always worth it. Even more worth it are hotel programs, where you get points for staying at a hotel; the thresholds for getting a free night stay at a hotel are lower.An added perk of these programs is that you get notified of cheap upgrades to business class or first class, and you’re less likely to be involuntarily bumped on an overbooked flight.Give Me Space: If you’re not one of those people who fits comfortably into a coach class seat, look into the airlines with exclusive business class seats; for off-peak flights, you can usually get a seat with more leg room and better food for less than half of what an upgrade would cost on a mixed seating airline, though it will still cost more than coach.Book Online: There are several price comparison sites; it’s worth it to check them out – even if you’re using an airline voucher. You can often use them to find deals where you get extra hotel points or airline miles for booking at certain times.